Fat burning foods

Obesity is a serious problem and thousands of individuals across the globe are constantly struggling to drop the extra pounds without getting much success. There are a variety of options available In today’s marketplace that claim to make you slim, ranging from brutal weight based exercises to body slimming powders. Very few individuals are aware of the benefits of naturally occurring food items in burning layers of fat residing in your body.

Certain fat burning food items exhibit a high thermogenic effect leading to burning calories as you chew them while the second category contains the required compounds and nutrients to Increase Metabolism.

While there are a number of fat burning food items that can assist in burning fat and hence, increasing the metabolism the below list highlights the most effective candidates:

All types of whole grains – Contrary to popular belief human body burns almost twice as many calories trying to digest whole grains while compared to digesting other food categories. Focus on picking up whole grains that are rich in fiber such as brown rice and oatmeal.

Protein intake via Lean meat – It has been medically proven that proteins exhibit a high thermogenic effect that results in burning about 30% of the calorie content contained in the lean meat in digesting them. It hence, considered as a major Diets to Increase Metabolism. It would lead to a majority of calorie intake being used up and thus reducing the fat conversion process in our body.

Dairy products with low-fat content – There is a myth about dairy product that points to all of them containing high-fat content. Research points to a number of dairy product that are rich in vitamin D, which also helps in building muscle mass and preserve muscle integrity. It eventually results in promoting a robust metabolism and serves as a fat burning food item.

Magical Green Tea – It is no secret that green tea has immense health benefits along with cutting through the fat content. Research has provided that drinking about 4 cups of green tea every day can lead to a fat, loss of about six pounds in about 8 weeks of time. Magical Green Tea is thus an immense source to Increase Metabolism.

Healthy diet consisting of Lentils – A majority of the world population is iron deficient and while folks use a variety of supplements to cover for this deficiency nothing does the job like a healthy diet of lentils. On an average, one cup of lentil would pack enough punch to fulfill 35% of your daily iron need. Tie this fact back to the finding that in the absence of nutrient such as iron,your metabolism slows down, and you have a new fat burning food on your hands.

Red hot chilli peppers – Chili peppers contain a unique, naturally occurring compound called capsaicin. This compound aids in cutting of extra fat in the body by increasing overall body temperature resulting in burning of additional calories. You can try consuming these peppers in conjunction with a variety of food items in cooked, dried or raw form. It is one of the main reasons behind the love for cayenne sauce based seasoning in eggs, soups and meats.


While, the above list is by no means comprehensive, it would still provide you with a good starting point to focus on increased metabolism by the use of Diets to Increase Metabolism. A healthy diet of the above mentioned fat burning foods along with an optimal exercise regime would soon transform you from an obese to fit individual.

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