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Increasing your metabolism rate is a better weight loss diet than reducing on your carb intake. Metabolism, simply put, refers to how fast your body can digest, absorb and use the energy you get from the food you eat. Metabolism is a series of body functions that already exist in your body and to be able to have a more effective and healthier alternative in keeping your body tone and fit, tweaking your metabolism is a good way to do it. Generally speaking, metabolism— being a natural process in your body— has plenty of factors affecting its rate or speed, namely: muscle mass, age, body size, gender, genetics, physical activity, hormonal factors, environmental factors, drugs and diet. Looking at ABC Health and Wellness’s list of 10, most of these factors cannot be altered; however, let’s focus more on what things you can do for yourself.


Factor One- Physical Activity

Tone. If losing weight is your major concern and dancing is your thing, don’t pack up at night and party. Join the nearest Aerobics class and tone up. Aerobics tone your legs, hips and buttocks. Here’s an example:

Spot jogging. Running is one of the simplest and best Aerobic exercises.

  1. Stretch up. Don’t get too excited. Take time to warm up and stretch your muscles.
  2. Find a comfortable spot. Sometimes, you have the tendency to grab hold of something to keep your balance. Stand by a window or by the fence in your backyard. It might come in handy when you still want to continue your exercise but have a hard time finding your balance.
  3. Start slow. Walk in place for the first few minutes. Start jogging slow until you gain your momentum.
  4. Don’t stop immediately. If you’re about to retire, slowdown from a fast jog to a leisurely walk until you come to a halt.


Build up. On land exercises, focus on certain portions of your body one at a time. Going amphibian yields a more promising weight loss. Swimming is one of the best exercises any person of any age group, body type, etc. can do. Mind you though, swim in a way that your body will exert effort to burn energy. Here’s more:

Factor Two- Diet

Drop the calculator. Don’t be so mathematical about everything. Counting your calories is generally a good thing; but, it makes you far too conscious about the food you take in that you might actually overlook the benefits from every meal you take. Think about it. According to Andreas Eenfeldt, The Diet Doctor, counting calories is an eating disorder. True enough, it is a major sign of insecurity that you tend to overlook your body’s own ability to adapt and adjust to the amount of food you eat.

Watch what you eat. Don’t get me wrong. Steer clear from counting carb intake but focus more on noshing on God’s own provided diet, au naturel. Most fruits and vegetables are rich in fibre, vitamins and minerals. Of course, we all know that but what we don’t know is maximizing the best of these natural products. How? Juicing. Breaking down solids to its pure easy-to-absorb liquid form maximizes the nutrients that are hidden in the fibres of fruits and vegetables. Look at it this way, plenty of natural supplements nowadays contain extracts from different fruits and vegetables. That’s because when you eat something whole, your body can only digest what your body is capable of breaking down. Shoving a big chunk of burger into your mouth give you a longer and harder time to chew it compared to easing in and delighting over thriftier bites. Here are some juice recipes you might be interested in:

Take it slow. Slow down on all those processed foods. You know they’re not healthy, why chomp on it. In Belinda Lennerz research, processed food can be addictive due to the synthetic content put in them. Processed foods compared to natural food products contain refined starches and concentrated sugar that gives you a better and more pleasurable food orgasm. In other words, they taste better, but they make you feel hungrier to the point that eating is no longer a necessity but a leisurely stroll down the park.

Indulge. It doesn’t hurt to eat sweet treats and satisfy your cravings once in a while. One has to know though, that indulging in food should be seen as a reward. Something you get once you were able to achieve something. You can grab a subway or pack on French fries and ice cream just once in a blue moon. Instead, pamper yourself with in-season fruits; tender juicy mangoes in summer, mouth popping pomegranates in winter and so much more. God put them there for a reason at certain seasons; why not treat yourself well with these.

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